Judging the quality of color coated coils

For the current construction market, there are many new building materials available, but the versatility of color coated coil makes it an increasingly popular choice

The important thing is that it can meet people’s needs in all aspects. As people’s requirements for building materials are getting higher and higher, people should pay attention to the quality when buying building materials, so how to judge the quality of building materials is very important.
Observe the thickness of substrate and coating of color coated coil: color plate consists of substrate and color web or coating. We need to consider the thickness of the substrate and web coating. Better steel substrates range from 0.02 mm to 0.05 mm, and the coating or coating thickness is usually less than 0.15 mm. The thickness of the substrate has a very important effect on the service time of the color plate. Some color steel plates on the substrate are usually compounded or laminated with color steel plates to reduce the thickness of the substrate, but the thickness of the web is increased to reduce the production cost of the color steel plate and greatly reduce the service life of the color steel plate. Plate.
Observe the leakage edge of color steel plate: when taking color steel plate, observe the exposed steel plate, such as section, whether there are fine, grey, black, impurity crystallization. If the cutting surface is crystal clear, the quality will be better.
Listen: Knock color steel plate with fingers or good things. Color steel plate material is bad, sound dull, metal sound is not obvious, color steel plate metal sound loud and clear.

To sum up, color coated coil is a new type of building materials, has good environmental protection function, widely used in roofing, wall, temporary housing and so on.