Color steel plate structure description

Due to the color steel plate enclosure area is large, the single component is long, the surface decoration is completed and other important factors, such as waterproof, heat preservation, beautiful, etc., therefore, in the construction organization must be carefully planned, careful construction, good construction organization. Organization design to ensure the high quality of the task.

The construction organization design of the color steel plate enclosure structure is an integral part of the general design of the project and is incorporated into the construction organization design. Due to the special characteristics of the color steel plate enclosure structure, the following problems should be noted when preparing the construction organization design:
I. Construction general plane requirements

  1. Because there are many long boards on the roof and strong boards, the construction site should be prepared for long-distance vehicle traffic and vehicle rotation conditions.
  2. Second step. Give full consideration to the board stacking site to reduce secondary handling and facilitate lifting.

Three. On-site processing of metal plates, processing equipment should be placed on a level site, conducive to secondary handling and direct lifting of metal plates; on-site production, try to avoid the use of multi-position long straight grain plates, generally greater than 12 meters, in order to facilitate the processing. r metal plate transportation.

Chapter Four. Carefully determine the starting point of plate installation, construction sequence and the number of construction teams.

  1. Determine an economical and reasonable installation method, giving full consideration to the characteristics of light weight, large length, overhead work and continuous movement of the sheet.

Setting aside the necessary secondary processing site for the metal plate is an important factor in ensuring the accuracy of the metal plate installation and reducing the damage of the metal plate at the site.
II. Installation procedure
The installation procedure of color steel plate enclosure shall be in a reasonable position in the general procedure of construction of this project

1.The Contractor shall independently schedule construction procedures for construction items to be completed independently by a pure metal panel or metal panel manufacturer.

  1. Step two. For multi-type, multi-contract work, the construction process of the color steel sheet enclosure shall be scheduled to be completed consecutively in a separate construction section. In the construction of roofing works, if there are works higher than the roofing in the adjacent area, the construction shall be started after the completion of the adjacent works operation to protect the roofing works from damage or not to be used as the scaffolding support surface.
    Three. Color steel plate enclosure structures shall enter construction after all work processes on their supporting members are completed.
    IV. Wall work shall begin after the masonry and trim work below has been completed.
  2. the construction process of roofing and wall works is designed after the construction process of the enclosure structure is determined.
    There are many kinds of roofing works, and the installation process has its own characteristics, but the basic process is the same.

Third, construction organization

According to the project scale, complexity and duration to determine the construction organization plan.
Each project should have a project manager, engineering technology manager, quality manager, safety manager, material custodian and so on. Below the construction team. In the whole process, there should be secondary processing group, transportation and lifting group and installation group. The ratio of the three groups should be determined according to the characteristics of the project to match the construction progress.
Construction machinery and tools

The preparation of construction machinery and construction tools of color steel plate enclosure structure should be done well before installation to determine the way of horizontal transportation and vertical lifting. The focus should be on vertical transportation. The lifting equipment of general project can be used conditionally. When the vertical lifting equipment can not meet the transportation requirements of the sub-project, an independent vertical should be established. lifting equipment.