Silicon steel sheet products

Silicon Steel

Silicon steel is a silicon-iron alloy with low carbon and 0.5%-4.5% silicon content. It is classified into hot-rolled, cold-rolled non-oriented, cold-rolled grain-oriented, and high-permeability cold-rolled grain-oriented types.

Widely used in the electrical industry as a soft magnetic material, silicon steel is key in motors, generators, transformers, chokes, electromagnetic mechanisms, relays, and measuring instruments.

In the motor industry, 0.35-0.50mm silicon steel sheets are common, while 0.05-0.20mm thin strips are used in telecommunications to reduce eddy current losses. Hot-rolled sheets (0.35-0.50mm) are used in various motors. Cold-rolled non-oriented sheets of the same thickness serve in large motors and generators. Grain-oriented 0.35mm sheets are employed in power transformers and amplifiers, and 0.05-0.20mm strips in high-frequency transformers.